walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

guilty pleasures, "Wake Up Call"

R. is watching music videos again while our offspring plays completely incompatible music on various toys in the living room. One of the videos was Maroon 5's "Wake up Call". I lurve Maroon 5 and have for the better part of a year now. And that video is EVIL! A pastiche of Miami Vice, GTA, Mission Impossible (complete with a teeny tiny reel to reel that blows up a 1970s sedan in an concrete canyon in LA) and I am not cool enough to recognize what all else -- towards the end, there are even a couple of woman police officers in skimpy outfits appropriate only to porno or possibly a late 70s exploitation flick.

Wow. Big grins. Don't tell me it's EVIL. I started there.

We caught up on the Daily Show last night for the previous week and thus saw Pierce Brosnan talk about paddle boarding, which caused us to go do a little looksee 'round since R. had not heard of it, and the only version _I_ knew of did not involve paddles (I mean, other than hands, in an awkward kneel forward position). We watched a little YouTube instructional video, read the Wikipedia article and now R. says there's a substantial article in USA Today.


Trendy, much?
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