walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

La Nora, or, I want some trashy reading I don't have to pay for

I have a lot of points on TitleTrader. And TitleTrader can be a little exhausting to try to find something I want (think the most disorganized -- but searchable -- used bookstore, possibly ever). Lately, I've been trying to play to its strengths by treating it as a paperback exchange and getting my genre romance fix there. Unfortunately, I have a nasty habit of buying the authors I really, really like in hardcover (or, lately, kindle) editions. But that still leaves the second tier, like SEP. Or, lately, Nora Roberts.

And, since I know Nora Roberts hangs out online and is a _very nice person_, with a lot of fans, I will not be snarky. Much.

I'm still waiting for book one in the Three Sisters Trilogy, which is about three siblings on an island who have to fulfill a prophecy. In part, I got this because I'm reasonably certain I read something very, very, very like this back in the 1990s, only the siblings owned a bar and I think it was set in Ireland. If you know what I read, I'm mildly curious. In any event, book 2 of the series (_Heaven and Earth_) involves the fiery sister, Ripley, who incarnates Earth (I am not going to ask, so I don't see why you should either) and her romance with Mac, who is a geek boy fascinated by the paranormal. Enough of the plot from book 1 is recapitulated here and there that I didn't feel particularly lost at any point so if you want to read one of these, you shouldn't have any difficulty. There's a really awesome bookstore with a cafe attached. There's a lot of food. There are workout scenes. You know the drill.

Book three (_Face the Fire_) is about the maddeningly calm incarnation of Fire (see? Do Not Ask. She does have red hair, however, which just goes to show that some things are irresistible), and her back-on-again relationship with her teenage/college years lover who (duh) took off for a decade to actually have a life off the island before returning to run the hotel. There's some competition (she owns the cafe bookstore called, believe it or not, Cafe Book). We finally find out who Water is (given that this was all about The Three Sisters, but there are four elements, it was a mildly interesting question). All the real estate gets parceled out (well, except who is going to live in the little yellow cottage *now*, the reader might ask plaintively. Can _I_ rent it for the season?). There are more pets.

Books by Nora Roberts have a certain shape to them. You know everyone, by the end of the trilogy, is probably going to be knocking boots/married/knocked up by the end of it (altho really, where is Mel or Charles or Harrison for Lulu? Hmmm? I mean, the books are about magic. Conjure up someone for Lulu!). And the Big Bad is going to get its ass handed to it in some extremely picturesque way.

So. If you're in the mood, these are reasonable choices. But if you're scratching your head trying to figure out the appeal, I'm probably the wrong person to ask. You might, however, notice that every other woman on the plane is probably reading the latest from La Nora. Or something from the backlist. Or whatever.
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