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I live in a small town with no crime to speak of. Redux

No, I'm not posting more about the I-was-raped, wait, let's talk about the definition of rape in the context of running an unlicensed massage operation out of one's own home and maybe someone didn't pay up for a happy ending.

Nope. Having covered the sex, I'll now move on to the drugs. Because remember, we don't _need_ a new police station; after all, it's not like the police in this town have anything to do. It's not like there's a constant parade of vandalism at public facilities. Oh, and with the price of gas as high as it is? Maybe he shouldn't be driving his official car so far away (all the way to Nashua! 12, maybe 13 miles each way! Heavens above!) after all does he really _need_ it? Actually, yeah.

Poor guy.

But that's not what I'm writing about today, either. Nope. Today is this:


There was some excitement (okay, a _lot_ of excitement) visible from the road a few days ago and now the press release is out and an initial court date has happened. What is going on here in our Small, Crime-Free (almost) Southern New England Town with Rural Character?

"Police responding to a call about an overdose at the Pepperell Road residence Sunday found Craig Watson, 25, a Florida resident, lying on a couch, dead, with a belt around his left arm and a hypodermic needle on the floor at his feet, according to court documents."

Oooops. Gotta feel for his relatives, because he sure isn't feeling anything any more. I think that justifies some search, don't you? A judge agreed and issued a search warrant. Good police practice! No rush here; we'll just hang with the body while we fill out all the paperwork so there's no debate about the legitimacy of the search and what we find in the course of it. Oh, and get the dogs while you're at it.

"During a search of the residence with drug sniffing dogs, police found heroin, bags of marijuana, hallucinogenic mushrooms, cash and a number of marijuana pipes, according to court records."

I particularly like that cash got lumped in there with all the illegals. They don't mention, say, bedding, chairs, cheap posters on the wall, the kitchen sink, etc. which presumably they _also_ found. But they did mention the cash. It might make more sense if they mentioned _how much_ cash (presumably an unusual amount).

The article covers the details of the charges for the arrest, what they've been arraigned for, bail, etc. However, All You Need to Know Is: What's everyone in jail for? Violating the Terms of Their Probation! And once again, one of the two guys is Violatin' his Probation.

Need another reason to question the wisdom of living in the suburbs Because It Is Cheap? No? Oh, all right, then.

ETA: Previous arrest information? http://www.wickedlocal.com/concord/archive/x1151540245
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