walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Went swimming

And got the last of the big order from Amazon. I continue to forget to drop off a rent check. This is Not Good. R. is getting extremely antsy. He's suggesting that we should go run up and down the stairs a few times, and added that he was born on his due date. I pointed out that it'd have to be a real quick labor for that to happen here, as there's less than 5 hours left before it's tomorrow.

I've temporarily abandoned Simmons book about Saudi Aramco in favor of Grantly Dick Read's _Childbirth Without Fear_, an oldie but a goodie (but kinda weird in many ways) when it comes to natural childbirth (I really do not care for that term). No particular news. I did go swimming and there were a ton of people in the public swim parts of the pool. Really loud, but fun to see that many people having a good time. Further locker room conversations about just how insanely huge I am (question of the day seems to be: is that going to be twins? Better not be!). Managed a half mile; I'm getting better at timing laps so I can rest for a contraction at the shallow end of the pool. That helps keep the reflux from getting out of hand.
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