walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

do you know these people?

I sure don't. This article is about a forthcoming Ernst & Young study that reveals the rather stunning news that if you make $75K a year now, and retire, and expect to maintain your lifestyle on just your social security, your money will run out (really? Ya think? This is News You Can Use, Truly):


At the bottom of the article is this gem:

"Eating out five nights a week, is that something that is important, or is that something you can forgo?" he said. "Retirement ends up being a negotiation."

"he" is David Armstrong, of Monument Wealth Management in Alexandria, Va. I would ordinarily complain about how if your non-negotiables are taking up all your income, you should be rethinking those, not just your eating habits, which will have such an impact on your health that you won't _live_ to 90 to run out of money from your poor spending habits. But what's the point? This guy lives somewhere -- or somewhen -- else from where everyone else I know lives.
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