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heating in the northeast

So, I'm an idiot. When I blogged (and where this entry would be, I could not say, but I know it's somewhere) about people having trouble paying for their heating oil this next heating season, I gave a bad explanation for why heat pumps ain't no good in the northeast. I will _not_ be providing a good explanation, because I suck at explaining this. However, as it happens, there is now a much better heat pump available: the Acadia from Hallowell International, supposed to work until, way, way freaking cold. These guys haven't been in business for very long, but R. says their technology makes sense. The claim? It'll work down to -30F. Way, way freaking cold. Maybe not good enough to rely on in, oh, I don't know: North Dakota? But certainly adequate for New England.

Read and lust:


I spent about five minutes kicking myself for not getting one of these, instead of A/C back in the summer of 2004. Then I went, doh. Didn't exist yet. _That_ would be one reason why I didn't consider it as an option.

I first heard of them here:


which is a nice little article about pellet furnaces (who knew?), pellet stoves, the Acadia heat pump, etc., as options for a world of high and rising fuel costs. No, they _won't_ solve your immediate cash flow problem. However, depending on which you go for, the payback time on some of these is speedy.
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