walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

flipper has been head down for a while now

Since A. was head down last night and the previous visit, the midwives seem to be taking the attitude that everything is fine, despite my mentioning the flipping (which hasn't happened in a couple of days anyway). Next visit is in 4 weeks, which is an indication of just how calm they are about everything. On the last visit, I was moderately surprised that they didn't want to see me in two weeks; this time, I'm just kind of amused. I'm also wondering if I'll be having weekly or every two week visits after the next one; my money is on every two weeks until week 40, and then (because I'd bet a huge amount of just about anything that that won't be the end of it) weekly thereafter.

I think my ankles were less swollen yesterday evening than the midwife's. A really busy day in the heat, on your feet will do that to you, even when you aren't pregnant. Controlling sodium seems to be working well so far.

I even remembered to ask both of my questions: what was up with the weird pain (answer, which was as I expected, in order of likelihood: Round Ligament Pain, adhesion from the C-section, hernia) and, do you know of a good VBAC book? After some discussion of what was out there, we have concluded I will be loaning her the Diana Korte I ordered used when I am done with it, but I probably neither want to nor need to read _Silent Knife_ or similar. At least not now.
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