walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

CSAs make it to the NYT

Maybe now I can quit trying to figure out who knows what a CSA and who doesn't. It's really been getting hard. If I explain it to someone who knows, they're offended. If I fail to explain it to someone who doesn't, they annoyed that I would just assume everyone knows.


ETA: I don't quite understand a lot of what I read in the buy-local context. People seem to be up against a profound learning curve on what it's like to eat out of a garden or small farm, and preserving (whether through freezing, canning, drying, whatever) food to eat out of season seems to be a relatively late revelation (altho to be fair, Kingsolver seemed to go into her year fully cognizant). This article fits right into this context. Is the buy-local/CSA/etc. trend the first time people have had direct contact with farmers? I've got relatives who still farm; I assume other people do, too (altho this may be yet another artifact of the weird-religion thing in my family; the farmers are, at this point, all Mennonite or ex-Mennonite).

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