walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Cipro can cause tendon problems !?! Really !?! I mean, like I had _no_ idea. . .


This was widely publicized back in 2001/2, which is when I heard about this. I mentioned it a few times to other people, who promptly told me they'd known that for some number of years already and were a bit surprised no one was warning all the adjectives-are-so-tempting folk who were stockpiling Cipro due to fears of Anthrax. I mentioned it to one or two of the folk stockpiling Cipro and received such an earful I figured, hey, _your_ business, not mine.

Apparently Public Citizen sued the FDA over this, which is why they _finally_ got their fucking act together and issued an official warning.

Gotta love this administration.

Did Darth Vader own stock in whoever makes Cipro? Is that what this was all about?
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