walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

pineapple, tomato = reflux

Yeah, so that was a mistake.

Oh, well.

T. got up around 8 a.m. and played with R. for a while. R. also fed him. (Yay!) So when I got up when R. left for work, I figured, hey, great time to go to the grocery store since we hadn't been for a week and a half, two weeks. Unfortunately, T. wanted to go in the blue car (the Fit) which was gone. I think he may have also been feeling like things just weren't right. J. hadn't come over and taken him to her house to play with E. and T. Oh well. Eventually he decided the white car (the Odyssey) was suitable for playing in, and, even, after a while, going to the store in.

At the store, I saw S., a volunteer from the library who I like a lot, and B. a former selectmen and minor thorn in our side at the library there towards the end of my service. I wasn't around for his final report; he commented today that he was really shocked at what he discovered. I limited my remarks to that we were very much in agreement that the library needed a lot more audio/video offerings.

I wonder, now, if he had gone into this expecting to prove the previous librarian had been doing a bang up job and we shouldn't have run her out. This is not a guy who is prepared to discuss his motives candidly. Quite the contrary, in fact. In any event, he was cordial, correctly guessed T.'s age and we discussed his grandchildren briefly. For what could have been a less than pleasant encounter, it went very well.

And then home, where by dint of letting T. play in the van, I got to unload the van and put everything away and then read e-mail for a while. Currently, I'm letting him run water in the sink, which is probably a huge mistake. OTOH, worst case scenario, the floor needs mopping and winds up clean(er).

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