walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

after a weekish of daily afternoon thunderstorms

of the whether you need them or not Florida variety, for reasons best known to someone other than me, the July 4th fireworks were _not_ rained out.

Go figure.

R. took T. to the pool today and T. can now tread water wearing his helps-him-float-a-little vest (which means if he stops kicking, he will sink -- R.'s making him work for it). T. still prefers hanging out on the noodle, but this is pretty cool (and not something I would be inclined to work on, so very nice that R. is doing it or it wouldn't happen until much older during swimming lessons).

I slept. Which is good, because I won't be sleeping for a while yet. T. wiped out shortly after 9 p.m., which is pretty early for him but he had no nap. Naps have been very erratic lately. I was in the office paying bills and ignoring him. I heard him cry briefly, but R. seemed to have things in hand so I was a little surprised to come out and find the kid already sound asleep. Nice.
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