walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

MSM plugging conservation rather than increased supplies?!?

CNNMoney in this case:


The headline includes "easiest fix" and "use less" in it.

My heart about stopped.

The first few paragraphs compared slowing down/driving less/correct tire inflation to drilling in ANWR and guess which one came out ahead? Here's a hint: Duuuuuuuhhhhh.

About halfway through the article, under long term solutions, the word CONSERVATION is _actually used_.

And a Miracle Occurred. Some journalist, somewhere, did something sensible. Some editor, somewhere, didn't get in the way. And some media conglomerate, somewhere, let it see the light of day.

At CNN Money, no less.

The downside: they treat ethanol as somehow helpful. They speculate on switching to electric vehicles with no useful consideration of how that would impact the grid (but then, _no one_ seems to say anything useful in that context, mainstream or otherwise). Inevitably, they conclude we should do both (drill more, use less) and there's no commentary on peak oil/the environment/global warming/climate change/etc.

But still! The word conservation! Used in an article about oil/gas!

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