walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

DVC update

I just got a call from the woman who is apparently responsible for trying to sell me ownership in DVC (Disney Vacation Club). For those of you who skipped earlier, lengthy posts on this topic, let me just summarize briefly.

I mocked it.

I discovered that friends whose judgment I respect have been members for quite a while and enjoy it a lot.

I love me some Disney.

I find the economics of DVC to be, to put it gently, impenetrable.

If I buy at all, it'll either be after the BLT (Contemporary Resort DVC tower, Bay Lake Tower) goes on sale or bought resale because why pay full price?

Now, I knew there were incentives being offered. Some of these incentives were oriented towards people who wanted to finance (which I would never, ever do), in particular, cash back that can applied towards the balance owing, but NOT towards the 10% down payment. This lovely lady, in addition to calling to make sure I'd received the rather shockingly expensive looking marketing volume she sent me, wanted to make sure I knew the latest incentive: the cash back can now be applied towards the down payment.

I smell desperation. *chortle*

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