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and now for something completely different: MTV

R. has had videos playing all day (well, not for a few hours while he took T. to the pool -- it turns out a big chunk of my recent paranoia/downerness is directly attributable to not-enough-sleep which has now been largely rectified). Some of this was class/120 minutes stuff; some of it was new. On the new side, I saw (for the second and third time), Living Legends' _She Wants Me_, a video I'm _dying_ for some commentary on. It's like the anti-big-pimping video, with a bunch of MCs (this is some serious supergroup here; like Pharcyde, I discover this wonderfulness very late in the game) doing the usual in pursuit of a girl with a twist ending. Well, not much of a twist, when in the lyrics, the narrator is saying she's pulled a knife on him in a fight and he got a restraining order but he's not leaving her because she's got a girlfriend. Etc. Drunk and/or otherwise altered throughout the video, Hooptie vomits at the end, causing the horde of slavering testerone-driven men to run in disgust (there are a _lot_ of guys in this group).

I'd love to know what people think about this. The hiphop etc. video genre isn't overwhelmed by this kind of moralizing. At least, not that I know of. Did I miss a trend?

Of course Alicia Keys is not hiphop, more R&B/soul/whatever. Her latest, Teenaged Love Affair, is a bizarre 50s style outing, both in terms of clothing in the video, and comments in the lyrics (first base....third base pump the brakes...gotta go home -- not to mention the my first name your last name Mrs. bit). I really liked her first album, and hey, it was pretty squeaky clean, but this strikes me as a direction I'm not necessarily prepared to follower her, altho more power to her I guess.

I could comment on Kid Rocks use of "Werewolves of London" for a lame summertime nostalgia outing, or the New Kids on the Block looking substantially older but otherwise producing very similar material in their "Summertime", but honestly, it just makes me think that Don Henley did better with "Boys of Summer". And I fucking _hate_ The Eagles and Don Henley. And yes, I know about a bunch of the recent southern rock/country music efforts in this area. They were just mediocre.

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