walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Bezos on the Conversation

Of course I love this man. Duh. Like I would have done what I did for 2.5 years if I hadn't thought this man was worth following around; I don't put that kind of time and emotional energy into much of anything.

But this is great. What's the mission for the kindle? Improving long-form reading (as opposed to information snacking, which most recent technology has encouraged). What's not to love!

ETA: 15-year-old Tabitha (with a trace southern accent, maybe North Carolina) called in to ask when the Kindle would have textbooks on it. Tabitha had her numbers down: she knew what backpacks and her schools weighed and what the kids carrying them weighed. She knew what the MDs recommend for backpack/body weight ratio. She rattled those numbers off as quickly, articulately and professionally as anyone I've ever heard on the topic. Bezos response was non-committal but indicated he had already been thinking along similar lines. Yay! I didn't hear anyone bring up the Kindle-for-library for large print books, but I gotta believe the kindle team is thinking about this, too.

And I hope Tabitha has a long and productive career at whatever she chooses to pursue. Smart young woman.

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