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So we're sitting here watching Tort(illa) Reform, and episode of Good Eats. As usual, I am criticizing details of the program, but also, I am laughing. I am laughing because of what happened an hour or so ago when we were making dinner.

R. gets out the flank steak he has been marinating for fajitas, chops some bell pepper and onion and fries them up with appropriate spices. Chops some grape tomatos and plucks cilantro (the latter from the CSA). He comments that he should have put tortillas on the grocery list, since I went to the store today with T.

I of course looked at tortillas (I _knew_ the flank steak was marinating), but did not buy any. I commented, how hard can this be? and got out the King Arthur Flour Whole-Grain Cookbook which had a recipe for whole grain wheat tortillas. I was not overly impressed with the recipe. I've never made tortillas, and the recipe had no good description of how stiff a dough I was going for, and whether I wanted to (or didn't want to) develop gluten or not.


I didn't salt them (this is part of why I didn't buy tortillas -- too high sodium in all the ones I've looked at). Very tricky getting these puppies thin enough without tearing. They cooked up nicely on the cast iron griddle. They held up well enough to the fajita filling. And they tasted fine.

They were ugly as heck, tho. :-)

Alton Brown is making corn tortillas. From dried kernels, doing the nixtamalization stage and everything. I'm impressed, but I prefer wheat tortillas.

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