walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

freezer working well

Altho apparently it now smells like chicken under biscuit, because the pyrex dish with lid doesn't seal well enough to keep it all in. R. went through the freezer in our main fridge and has moved a variety of things down to the chest freezer so we will no longer lose things in the back of it. I think we found some frozen peppers from J., which we _really_ should use or get rid of. Maybe chili will be next.

And the chicken under biscuit was really good, so we're not at all sad that there's a whole other dish downstairs in the freezer with more of it. Plus the leftovers from last night.

Today is the first pickup at the CSA! Very exciting. We only have a half share, and we'll probably be the last ones there, given the rate at which we are currently moving. Hopefully there will be something left for us.

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