walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Stroller Update: Britax Vigour arrived

Companion pops right in easily and seems secure.

The seat has to come out to put the bucket in, and the seat itself is _heavy_! Nicely reversible. Decent sized basket. Really wide back wheels on the frame -- as wide as the BOB if not wider. I love the brake. The front wheels can be locked or left to swivel.

So far, very impressive. I can't _promise_ to supply an update after A. arrives and we take it for a spin; I'll probably be sleep deprived and forgetful. Oh, and it comes with a pump, altho we won't know until we have a chance to use it whether it works or not.

The box it arrived in was taped shut, which made me a bit nervous (original packaging), but seemed undisturbed and we have not discovered anything in any way suspicious about it. Between the seat being heavy (the one on the stroller and the bucket) and the whole thing being beefy, this sucker is really not light.

R. also unpacked the second base I got for the Companion to make sure it works. We only had one for T., because we only had one car at the time we were using the bucket.

I am still awaiting buggy board, which I ordered from Target.com since they claim I can return it at any store, even tho it is an online only item, and they had free shipping for orders at a level less than the board cost (I think it was $50, but I'm not sure; the board was $89 IIRC).

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