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travel, or, I have friends who are _so much_ better than me

Several years ago, I realized that E., G. and their two sons don't fly by aircraft except under very rare circumstances because of the climate/pollution/fuel use issues. They're right, of course, and if I were a better person, I'd do the same.

In the course of mulling over DVC, I kept coming up against people saying that WDW would die if airline travel became more expensive (I was startled to learn how _cheap_ it had gotten for a while to fly down the East Coast). These people, needless to say, did not realize that in the first decade of WDW's successful history, the vast, vast, vast majority of people arrived by car, and quite a lot arrived by train. I did some fiddling, and concluded that even with quite exorbitant costs for gas per gallon, it would still be viable to go to Florida every year or so to meet the mouse -- even from the Northeast, at least if you can get 4 or so people in a vehicle. That's how we went from Seattle to Anaheim int he 1970s.

This is territory I've been over before.

That said, I reeled when I read this:

"Nor is there any replacement for long-haul air travel itself. I can take a train from Boston to Washington, but until we can figure out how to travel via fireplace, Harry Potter--style, the only way I'm getting from Tokyo to New York City is in aircraft"


Makes you wonder what my Grandpa Sam was thinking, back in 1917. Here he was leaving his tiny little village in Friesland to go to the US. Wonder how he did that? Oh! By _boat_! Gosh. Hoocoodanode? And then, how did he get _all the way_ from New York City (Ellis Island) to Skagit Valley, Washington, where he eventually stopped, altho he had originally planned to continue on to Australia? I don't actually know, but I'm betting there was a train involved somewhere. He must have stopped because there was no long-haul air travel yet. And, I mean, there weren't any boats to Australia, hunh?

This is so far beyond bizarre that I am not sure what to do with it. One of my favorite movies of all time is the abysmally fluffy _Sabrina_ starring Audrey Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart. Guess how Sabrina goes to and from Europe? That thing was remade as a Harrison Ford vehicle not that many years ago. Surely someone would have noticed that, right? I mean, it post-dated the more obvious screwball comedy years.

Do people _really_ think the only purpose for big boats with lots of people is to cruise the Caribbean for day trips?

ETA: Hey, in case you're thinking, but you can't actually take the QE2 to Europe these days, so it's not _really_ a current substitute: I _get_ that. I really do. But it's a whole lot more likely than fireplace jaunts a la Harry Potter, which was the comparator the author mentioned.

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