walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

No baby yet

I figure I'll just keep using this subject line.

So I've blown through one of my predictions (for those keeping track, the other two are, it's a girl, and the first thing it'll do after birth is pee all over us). We went to see the midwife today for our usual weekly appointment. The wee one dropped last Friday, but continues to swivel around a lot and we'd all be a lot happier if it were OA, instead of back to the right, which is what it was today at the appointment, and has been the last few nights when it wasn't OA. Blood pressure continues to be low normal, the swelling is about what one might expect and my arm is not getting worse and there's no sugar or protein coming out so despite the massive weight gain, no one is the least bit worried. Kinda cool. I asked R. today if the baby would be born today and his response was "I don't know". Heh. Of course, nobody does.

If nothing happens this afternoon, I get to go to the pool again. Yum.
Tags: pregnancy
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