walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

things that make me want to kick someone

Specifically, Ben Stein. I often want to kick Ben Stein, despite finding both the eye drop commercials and Win Ben Stein's Money entertaining. I mean, speechwriter is bad enough, for Nixon is slightly worse, and then never really quit trying to justify him -- it isn't enough to overshadow the whole intelligent design ridiculousness, but anyway.


Here is yet another little, oh, gosh, I wasn't adequately appreciative of me dad when I was a young 'un so now that I'm not young any more, I'm going to lecture the young 'uns on being appreciative of their dads in time for Father's Day. In particular, I want to kick him because I don't see any reason in his description why he _should_ have been particularly appreciative of his father or his father's work/job/business/whatever. Or any reason why kids should be so now. This is stupid. If you don't tell your kids what you do and involve them in the day-to-day of _course_ they won't give a flying fuck about it. How could they possibly?

Definitely kickworthy.

Besides. Doing something for gratitude and appreciation is lame. Do it because you enjoy the process, or it's worth doing, or whatever. But for the adulation of your offspring? Please.

The whole thing has me singing "when you comin' home dad I don't know when, but we'll get together then". Don't be that parent, if you can possibly help it, and if you _can't_ help it, whatever time you _do_ get to spend with your kids, spend part of it sharing your day-to-day with them.

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