walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

It's Sunday: that means the leak in the basement is serious

'Cause the most expensive non-holiday day for plumbers is Sunday.

R. is out digging out the (smaller) access to the septic tank because he's been unable to snake past the block in the drain that is causing the leak when the washing machine drains. Unfortunately, this is a major drain, which means we're kinda not allowed to use much of any drain currently. Like, toilets and sinks.


Plumber's on his way. It would be during a heatwave, of course.

Good news: T. and I went down to hank out in the (nice cool) basement for a while where all the excitement was and I found a lot of the newborn stuff I've been itching to lay hands on. At this point, it's safe to say that my maternity dress and skirts are a thing of the past. I must have sent them all down to my sister, who of course then got rid of them.

ETA: a very few minutes later, the plumber has been and gone and _did not charge us_. Best plumber ever. It was a wad of toilet paper (why it got caught where it did and not earlier is completely baffling. Literally. The word baffle came up in the description). He said to call him when we had real work for a plumber. *snicker*

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