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No baby yet

The weird, short, hard contractions happened again early this morning, but, once again, desisted. After one of them, I had this truly bizarre expanding feeling of complete euphoria. Like a bubble of pure, perfect, glowing, physical happiness that started in my very huge belly and expanded out beyond me. Then it sort of popped, but there was no feeling of let down; I just felt normal again (well, to the extent that I ever feel normal these days). If you could package that particular feeling as a drug, I'd be hooked the first time I tried it. It's probably too much to expect that to happen during labor, but boy, it'd sure be cool if it did.

It's a little toasty today, so I pulled the rocker into the second bedroom/office (where the computer and the new portable AC are), moved the small TV from the bedroom and got a pan with an ice pack and water to soak my feet in. It is quite nice in here. If I'm totally wrong on my prediction, I think I could stay pregnant right through 42 weeks without completely losing it. Of course, moving the dresser so I could get at the cable connect was a bit arduous, but I won't have to do that again.

In addition to the aches and pains already mentioned, my right arm is just annoying the hell out of me. R. says the shoulder muscles that lift the arm were full of knots and felt warm to the touch. Let this be a lesson to me. Sitting around all day holding a book up is not a healthy way to live. The constant pins-and-needles feeling is really annoying.
Tags: pregnancy
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