walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

looooong day: colds, tick, dishwasher

I mentioned the tick. I've mentioned the colds. I don't know if I've mentioned the ants that have been harassing us for months (at least weeks; I think it really has been more than a month). R. checked and thought it wasn't the dishwasher, and we kept thinking we were just somehow getting splashing from the sink. There have been problems with the sink: the sprayer cord cracked and that caused problems.

But it was always dry under the sink, until you got down to the baseboard.

Today, I _knew_ there'd been no splashing: everything was dry. Except where it was oozing out under the baseboard next to the running dishwasher.

Hmmmm. I had this happen, er, like, ten years ago (no way, yeah, well, maybe longer. *sigh*) when I lived in a rental house in Ballard. Ants no matter what we did (and we had an exterminator in!). Until the dishwasher was replaced, which took care of the problem completely. But because of the kind suggestions of one of my readers, I had subscribed to Consumer Reports online, so I know what to try to buy to replace it. Fletcher's (who sold us the chest freezer which patiently sits in the basement awaiting a dedicated circuit. Or an extension cord if we get tired of waiting) will get more of our business tomorrow.

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