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This little piggy went wah, wah, wah

My sister broke her toe yesterday, in the classic way: stubbing it when walking around the house. I di that once myself, although it was a smaller toe and I knew they could not do anything, so I sat down and cried for a while, ate something and went to bed. Since my sister actually has to work for a living, that was not an option, more's the pity. However, with the assistance of a neighbor who drove her to a doctor, she got some decent painkillers and things are progressing nicely.

I spent yesterday tracking down more items that needed address changes. Along the way, I stumbled across something I was absolutely certain I had not yet changed, yet mysteriously had my current address. Disturbing, but one might speculate that perhaps the post office was involved. Except I never told the post office I moved, since my sister could forward my mail for me. In the event, it turns out she had proactively changed the address on the magazine in question before forwarding it to me. Wow.

Yesterday at the Y, I read an AMC's Outdoors magazine (well, the front half; you don't really think I'd read that list of excursions, do you?) while on the treadmill. I'm currently trying to find out whether they're better or worse than The Mountaineers (an organization I Do Not Trust). Certainly I like AMC's guidebooks better than the average of those published by The Mountaineers, which is a good sign. It's really all about find ways to avoid paperwork, viz. taxes.
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