walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

still woefully ill

R. has however been quite helpful about it. Child care failed to show up today without calling or returning a phone call/voice mail. She cancelled yesterday (and _called_, but reassured R. that she'd be here today). It's anyone's guess whether she'll be here tomorrow, but I, for one, am not counting on it. This would be unreliable child care from a year ago who we've been scheduling to come by occasionally, but she almost never actually shows up.

R. did some puttering including taking T. with him to go look at TV sets in an inconclusive outing to determine _which_ Samsung 46" LCD HDTV 1080p he wants for his birthday. If he does not decide soon, it'll be late, or, alternately, a Father's Day Present (but probably still late).

The Asus EEE failed to arrive today. *sigh* I spent most of the day hanging out on the couch not doing much of anything. A. is kicking up a storm. T.'s nose continues to run. I've been reading Calculated Risk, some news sites and some other blogs. Learned some interesting stuff about how the New Home Sales Data works (i.e. it doesn't include cancellations. Wow.), which after some thought I decided meant that in addition to (a) looking at the series over time, you must also look at it in conjunction with (b) housing starts/permits/etc. to get any kind of insight into what's really going on.

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