walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Real Estate: lead paint

The Boston Globe real estate blog (Real Estate Now) is often annoying, but equally often has really useful tidbits buried in the comments. This blog is a slog, but one that pays off occasionally. Today, I really hit pay dirt.


That's a Massachusetts website that lets you look up by address any property you like to see if it has a hazardous report (like, say, lead) associated with it. Lead paint hasn't been legal for 30 years, but maybe a quarter of the houses that otherwise meet our criteria are older than that and I'm in no hurry to completely eliminate that group of houses since I tend to prefer them aesthetically to newer ones and am prepared to do an energy audit to make sure I'm not buying a leaky sieve of a house that will cost a mint to heat and cool.

After doing a little digging on that site for houses that neighbor a house we really like (but don't like the price on), and noting another comment in that blog about the cost of lead abatement (not nearly as bad as I'd imagined -- looks like on the order of $10K or so), it seems reasonable to just include that on our list of shopping criteria.
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