April 8th, 2017

Saturday's Activities Include: kenpo, Easter photos, Smurfs movie, Bertucci's

I took T. to his first karate (kenpo) lesson in Hudson. Very nice man, very calm, very good with kids. He's looking forward to his next lesson.

Then we went to Target to buy him shirts, and while I was there I bought a bunch of next-size-up clothes for A., and we got T. more shorts also.

After that, we went to Solomon Pond and got T. Easter Bunny photos. We had fifteen minutes before Bertucci's opened for lunch, and that worked out perfectly.

Lunch at Bertucci's was uneventful, and we got to the movie theater in time for an 11:50 showing of the Smurf's Lost Village. A. and R. joined us (they were running a little late, having stopped at McDonald's). They did not get Easter photos with the bunny, because after the movie, the bunny was on break until 3 and no one felt like waiting.

T. and I stopped at the police station on the way home to fill out a request for the incident report from last September, when someone called the cops on him. We'll probably get it in a week or so.

A.'s Barbie Crimp and Curl has arrived. Girl stuff! Sort of weird, but that's okay.