April 5th, 2017

Wednesday's Activities Include: T.'s half day, gymnastics, Whole Foods, taxes

I got the first quarter estimateds and extension form prepped to go. I'm not mailing them yet; I figure I would like to have a second set of eyes on them first. This may be the quickest in terms of when I first logged into TurboTax to when I was done for the April dance. I had spent some time earlier in the year as various pieces of paperwork arrived (property taxes, excise taxes, etc.), collecting them into the right place. Turns out that assembling the paperwork really is the big part of the job. I may post a few more comments on things I thought of while engaged in the process. Because there wasn't anything particularly new to figure out this year, I had more time to ruminate on how we do taxes in this country and why.

It was T.'s half day. So after doing a little vacation planning, watching NCIS and TRMS, it was time to go pick him up. I completely forgot everything for this: his outfit for gymnastics, his phone -- all of it. So we took our Starbucks beverages with us for a quick return home to retrieve the necessary items. Then off to the bank and then gymnastics. After that, we went to Whole Foods (I _HAD_ remembered my bags. Go figure.).

A. will be arriving home shortly and T. will be heading out with his sitter. I'm trying to decide whether I want to convince A. to go around the block with me, or if we should just vegetate. I feel like vegetating.