April 4th, 2017

Tuesday's Activities Include: car, ewaste, cake, smoke, Julie's Place, TAXES!

Dutch lesson was canceled today, alas. However, I did get a lot done around the house. I downloaded some information into TurboTax, entered a bunch of other information, scurried around in search of Still More Information -- you know the drill. So far, so good. I haven't actually filled out the extension form yet, much less written checks, but the end is not too far distant (for this month, anyway -- there is still October).

R.'s jobsite was running an e-waste site (Bring Out Your Dead (Electronics)). I found an iPod, a couple cameras, and a pre-Apple Pay dongle thingie. Oh, and a never taken out of its box Body Bugg. *sigh* My life used to be filled with aspirations and absolutely no time for them. Now, I have few aspirations, but I get a lot more done. I prefer it this way. Infants and toddlers are really disruptive. Older kids are wonderful.

I finally made pineapple upside down cake. Of course the springform pan dribbled and caused huge smoke. I had to turn the oven off, clean the floor of smoking ash, open windows, etc. But the cake turned out okay despite the madness. More than okay -- I used Luxardo cherries in the middle of the pineapple slices. Pretty and tasty.

Last night and tonight, I've been reading _The Marvelous Land of Oz_ to A. I ordered hardcover Books of Wonder editions with the John R. Neil illustrations. *bliss* What I always wanted as a child, I get to inflict on my own children. Adulting is fantastic.

A. went to pick up my car from the dealer. They were evasive about what the check engine light problem was about, but they didn't charge me for it and the recall work did get done, so I'm not going to complain. After, we went to Julie's Place and met R. there.

I'm continuing to declutter A.'s drawers. I need to order her the next size up in paddock boots, also, if I can't find an old pair of T.'s.