April 1st, 2017

Saturday's Activities Include: Petlexa! Decluttering pantry, finished Wizard of Oz

A. and I have been reading the Wizard of Oz in a somewhat condensed form. R. bought it thinking it was unabridged, but no. They did a good job on it tho, and I liked the illustrations. A. really enjoyed it, and we talked about the differences between the book and the movie. I've ordered better copies of several next volumes in the series, because I still have my old Scholastic (Land of Oz) and Del Rey mass markets (and two paperback books of wonder editions).

Yesterday, as I was deleting email and updating my to do list (really, can you tell I'm avoiding taxes?), I read one of the What's New on Alexa emails and watched the Petlexa video a day early. Excellent April Fools! We don't have any pets, so it is extra funny for us, because we don't actually have to worry about re-ordering picture frames to replace the one the dog broke.

I went through the fridge (partially) and got rid of things which no one is going to be eating (better not! Some of it was moldy). Then I moved on to the pantry. I had already done a little research on what food banks would take in terms of expired foods. I used that as a guideline for, hey, if the food pantry won't take something that is a year less expired than this, we can probably get rid of it. I wasn't completely successful, but anything that involved onions (since R. can't eat those any more anyway) Went Into the Trash. R. then rearranged the remaining contents which included a shocking number of boxes of Club Crackers (6: 4 closed and 2 open; he consolidated the 2 open ones into 1). I also pulled everything out of the bottom of the pantry and vacuumed. And we got rid of a couple worn out lunch box type containers.

A. watched new episodes of Shimmer and Shine, and Sofia the First. T. watched Willie Wonka (again). R. played some bridges game on XBox at A.'s request (civil engineering for fun! House full of happy nerds).

Upon reflection, I tracked down the condensed Swiss Family Robinson in a similar size/format to the Wizard of Oz we just finished. I think A. might find some of the same things to love in it that I did.

ETA: She loves the Swiss Family Robinson (abridged, illustrated). We're over halfway through it already (it is not very long). Trying to think what would be good next; thinking maybe _Mad Scientists' Club_. R. wants to try _Treasure Island_, but I hated that book. I'm gonna go look at my shelves and see if anything pops up.