March 31st, 2017

Friday's Activities Include: 2 sitters, long walk, True West, handbag decluttering, frame

I was so happy about how the shoe decluttering went, that I went back into that closet for another round: handbags. I knew it needed to be done, because it was crowded and all the handles kept hanging down and catching on things. Never a good sign (also, this is what happens when there is a TJ Max next to one of the grocery stores you go to; it's just way too easy to think, hmm, I wonder if there are any cute bags in there. There almost always are. Alas).

Because I am Middle-Aged, I have given up many delusions about the kinds of hand bags I might ever use. But I had one left that I finally figured out. There are a couple of distinctly different cross-body drop lengths. One falls at my waist and one falls at my hip. I _suspect_ that the one that falls at my waist would, on a much more petite woman, fall at her hip. But I am not her, and I am never going to be her, because no matter how much weight I might one day lose, my frame size isn't going to change. Despite the high quality, lovely colors and good design of several of these bags which had crept into my closet, they all went away and I firmly told myself that the next time I'm thinking about a cross body bag, be ruthless about the drop length. Because that's just wasting everyone's time/money/resources having it sit on a shelf in my closet growing increasingly dated.

I went to take the resulting bag of bags off to the Middle Class Guilt Reduction Station (I did keep one of the shorter drop bags, because I think A. is going to adore it, and I'm reasonably certain that Disney bags from that particular brand don't even qualify for Out Of Style from a kid perspective, or possibly anyone who can perceive the charm of Disney characters on a D&B bag), only to discover that the check engine light had gone on in my car. Hmmmm. So I called the dealer, and learned that they had no loaners (no surprise) and the techs were going home shortly anyway, so just wait until Monday. And as long as it didn't drive any different, just keep using it. OK, then -- I mean, the CEL on an i3 has become some kind of cosmic joke anyway, but wow. They need two levels of alerts, if even the service appointment scheduler at the dealer is this unconcerned about it coming on.

Later in the day, I also received a recall notice. Perhaps that is why the CEL went on? I called the dealer back to add the recall work because, why not?

So I dropped off the bag of bags, I picked up photos at CVS for a multi-photo frame that I am redoing. And I had a lovely long convo with my friend K. She told me about the "Wally" smart home gadget for water/moisture/leak detection. Sounds really wonderful and not difficult to install, but getting line of sight between the sensors and the hub can apparently be a bit tricky based on reviews.

R. and I went for a long walk in the "mixed precipitation". We got to True West, which was closed for 10 more minutes. We walked around West Acton while I listened to a financial advisor express his usual frustration with my perspective on things. We have a good relationship; we also arranged to have lunch on an upcoming visit. Lunch at True West was excellent and not too loud at the bar. R. saw some colleagues from work. The bartender made a perfect rye manhattan with a twist in front of me for someone else, and I was like, fine, I wasn't going to drink, but I ordered one for myself. No drink for me in the evening! In the event, I was so full, I barely ate an evening meal -- the cod sandwich was massive. I ate it with a fork because it wasn't clear I could pick it up and not wind up with it all over me.

M. and I hung out in lieu of a walk. Then I went to declutter some of A.'s shirts because I had noticed that there were some Disney branded 7/8s still hanging around. While I was busy doing that, A.'s sitter arrived and picked her up to see Boss Baby and have dinner at Julie's Place. T.'s sitter picked him up and they went to Papa Razzi. Everyone came back early, due to weather.

I rescheduled (again!) A.'s dentist appointment, because I'm too chicken to drive in the slushy stuff. T.'s first martial arts session was canceled due to weather.

ETA: Edited to correct the date. Ooops!