March 26th, 2017

Sunday's Activities Include: track meet, Applebee's, horse

Team Verge had their meet. T. had signed up for nearly everything, but the coach or someone else helped him be a bit more selective. He got 3rd in the 200 meter. It was such a pleasure to see so many young people working so hard with enjoyment, and the environment was supportive in every way. I had not realized that you could have races that created the excitement and motivation of competition, without also triggering the negativity (disappointment, shame, comparison, etc.) of competition. Seeing this in action -- watching young people who had been at practice for weeks put out significantly greater effort for this special event -- was amazing to me. It was a beautiful moment where everyone learned a bit more about what these young people can do.

Also, all the parents and others on the sidelines were consistently supportive to all the participants. Wouldn't it be great if all athletic competition looked like that?

We went to Applebee's for lunch, as usual. After that, T. went to the horse. I had a nice convo with my friend M., and it was helpful to get some insight from her. She always has a down-to-earth and wise perspective.

After the horse, I got a long walk and had a long talk with K., who I usually talk to on Fridays. But I had sent her some email asking her for advice as well, and she offered some additional time on the phone and I took her up on it. It is days like this that make me truly appreciate how lucky I am to have friends who will take the time to listen carefully, think even more carefully, and then share their perspective honestly but with compassion with me. Sometimes, their advice makes me uncomfortable, but when a couple people are telling me the same thing independently, it is pretty hard for me to ignore it.

I was sad to learn that a friend of mine lost a close relative recently. She will be traveling overseas with her mother, so our chats will have to wait until her return.

It was not the easiest day, but it was a good one in many ways.