March 16th, 2017

Thursday's Activities Include: A. half day, play date, play therapy, two sitters, Rapscallion

On Thursday, there was no delay and both kids were in school. Alas, A. had a half day. However, I did get two walks around the 1 mile loop by myself, and one with M.

A. had a play date. It went well, but the friends' place runs very warm and A. gets cranky (just like me!) when we are too hot. We need to remember to dress in more layers (with the bottom layer short sleeved) when we go over there.

She had play therapy at the house. Since we had two sitters, R. and I went out to dinner at Rapscallions. The beef brisket sandwich was amazing, and I got the deep fried brussel sprouts with cranberry aioli (pink!) dipping sauce. I didn't intend to eat the entire cone of brassica myself (there was a big mound of cole slaw with the sandwich arriving next) but I did. Yum. We stopped at Colonial Liquors after and bought a couple bottles of rye, because I'd really loved the Michter's in my manhattans at the restaurant. We were also very low on beer, which R. drinks and I use to make waffles.

ETA: Great phone convo with J. A. couldn't find one of her bracelets, so we were late getting out the door for the playdate. I later found it in T.'s room. He keeps taking her stuff. I don't think it is intentional, but it is persistent.