March 13th, 2017

Monday's Activities Include: Blackbird Cafe, Tavern in the Square, cleaning

The kids were at school and R. at work. I had breakfast and a walk with A. We met at the Blackbird Cafe in Groton, since Salt & Light is being refurbished. We liked Blackbird and will happily return (altho of course we look forward to Salt & Light reopening). We tried to figure out how to best get from there to the rail trail to walk on it and came up with a better way to do that on the way back. Oh well! Live and learn.

I had dinner at Tavern in the Square with R., since we had two sitters, and there is a snow day tomorrow so ya gotta have fun while ya can, amirite? We liked it. I had the sesame chicken salad. R. got one of the salmon options. I wanted the fish and chips, but they put milk in it, so that's no go. There are a bunch of other things I want to try, tho, and they have Bulleit Rye and make a powerful rye manhattan so I'll be happy going back. R. had a Berliner Raspberry beer that was like a less sweet and less berry-tasting framboise lambic. Tasty!

I ran roomba downstairs, recharged it, then ran it in the upstairs hall and two bathrooms. Vacuumed the area rugs and touched up downstairs because roomba ran out of juice before it was completely done. It's better than it was, tho, and really, what more can one ask for?

I picked up the registered mail that I found a piece of paper for in the mailbox. It was T.'s scooter bag from Olaf! I'm sort of jealous; it's a nice bag and a really good scooter.

I misunderstood how presale works at ticketmaster. Next time I will register as a verified fan or whatever ahead of time. I guess for this concert, I'll be buying with the rest of the uninformed, as well as bots and scalpers when the public sale starts on Friday.

Last night, I did some future trip planning (restaurant reservation and show brainstorming with the kids and R.), and then I continued that with my sister. This is kind of nice! I can't actually do anything with the plan for a while yet, but this takes some of the pressure off when that date rolls around. I'll be ready, and I won't need to pressure other people to make up their mind quickly. Fun! Also, a nice distraction from ongoing weird family crap.