March 12th, 2017

Sunday's Activities Include: spring ahead, very cold, track, no horse, julie's place

T. and I got up and boy were the roads empty this morning. We were barely on time for track and still managed to get there before a lot of people. It was very cold outside. After we got back, we hung out for a while and T. asked lots of questions and kept snacking. So I suggested we all go to Julie's Place for an early lunch/late second breakfast.

Still more questions. Things I am discovering. I knew that Disney does not want parents dropping the kiddos off at the park unattended -- they have a policy of anyone under the age of 14 in the park has to be with someone over the age of 14. I didn't give a lot of thought to the 14 rule, until today. I was trying -- and failing -- to find age policies at other parks. But, like so many things, it hasn't spread as an official policy to other parks. I tried calling Universal a year or so ago and asked them, and they didn't have an official policy, but they sure didn't want kiddos wandering around unattended. No, I do NOT mean letting your kid stand in line alone, or go on one ride while you get food, or go off to the loo by themselves, or even go on a bunch of rides while you sit with your phone and a cup of coffee in the shade. I mean, be in the park without their responsible older person being in the park with them. Anyway. It dawned on me that amusement parks are the perfect 14 or 15 year old job, because school is out of session, and a lot of independent parks close before 9 p.m., thus making most of the remaining restrictions on the 14 and 15 year old employees (at the federal level) not that much of a hardship (8 hour max/day, 40 max/week). Thus, Disney has settled on, you can be in the park alone if we might consider hiring you. Otherwise, forget it. Walt's intention was always for parents and kids to have fun together anyway.

We have now fallen into the rabbit hole of questions about pre check and global entry. 12 and under -- we get to wait another year before signing son up. But we're a little unclear on when we need to re-up ourselves, so figuring that out is becoming a Project.

ETA: Went for a walk with M. It is really nice out ... in between gusts of very cold wind. It was good to walk; it had been a couple days. I also talked A. into helping me go through some of her clothes to figure out which ones we could get rid of, either due to her not liking them or them not fitting any more.