March 11th, 2017

Saturday's Activities Include: Kong Skull Island, Julie's Place, cleaning

T. and R. went to see King Kong: Skull Island. A. didn't want to go, and honestly I didn't really feel like it either, so I sent R. off instead. A. and I hung out and played iPad games. I ran laundry and the dishwasher, vacuumed under the kitchen table, put some more toys away from yesterday, cleared off a lot of what was on the table, pulled back the vinyl cover and cleaned thoroughly all the crevices which I had never bothered to clean before putting the cover on (actually, probably before putting an earlier cover oh). I also cleaned the downstairs bathroom.

A. and I had lunch at Julie's Place. I assume T. and R. got lunch somewhere and then went ice skating, but I won't know until they get home a little later. Caught up on blogging, and replying to messages that I'd gotten earlier in the week but not gotten around to answering. It is just amazing how behind I can get in a single busy week (actually, that's not totally true -- we had gone on vacation and were just recovering from that before this week. But still.).

ETA: While I was at Julie's Place, a group of three older folks (2 men and 1 woman) were sitting across the aisle from us. The woman was iterating through a variety of news items and asking for the opinions of the men. One of the items was whether or not OUTVETS (she didn't know the term and I'm not interested in repeating how she summarized things) should be allowed to march. She felt like it wasn't fair that minorities get to have their opinions supported by courts, but she and people who felt like her didn't get to express their opinions. The men agreed with her, that minorities usually win (!?!), but they disagreed with her position on whether the group should be allowed to march. Their attitude was, if they are veterans, they should be included.

If you are wondering what the current status is, here is Boston Globe coverage from yesterday:

As of this coverage, OUTVETS has been invited and plans to participate. For which, yay. I'm a little startled that the organizers got that hung up on the rainbow being part of OUTVETS flag. However, people feel strongly about symbols. I'm just like, ya didn't really think this was gonna stick, did ya? But who knows what they were thinking.