March 10th, 2017

Friday's Activities Were Pretty Calm and Normal: visit but no walk with M., play date with B. family

It was a quiet day around the house, because R. had swapped Wednesday for Friday so he went to work. Because I've been kind of behind all week on house stuff, he made a run to the store before making the lunches since we were entirely out of the bread A. eats. I went back to the same store later in the day because we were low on yogurts, American cheese and a lot of other stuff and we were hosting the play date and I didn't feel like doing take out. I got ribs and poached salmon from the prepared foods, and a veggie roll and seaweed salad from the sushi stand for snacks for me. I also stopped at a couple liquor stores to resupply the liquor cabinet.

I had a visit but no walk with M. in the morning, because the weather was kind of awful. Because it didn't accumulate until later in the evening, we still had our late afternoon/early evening play date, complete with a bottle of Pinot Grigio and some other drinks, cold cuts, and the aforementioned ribs and salmon. M. (the mother of the family, not my walking partner) had brought things for her kids to eat, and the kids (minus T., who was with his sitter) had a great time for about three hours. It was amazing. Now that the little boy is a little older, they all play together really nicely. I. comes up with great ideas; this time, they put on a show, and sang and danced for us. The finale was an audience participation rendition of a song we all knew which was a great end to the evening.

And a great end to the week, too. I hadn't realized that M.'s current job isn't giving her very many hours. Maybe if the weather improves a bit, we could get together for more walks. The whole family is such a pleasure to hang out with.

Keeping up on the laundry and dishes, so at least that isn't too far behind.