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March 4th, 2017

We all slept in. It was lovely. R. took A. to Michael's to try to get "kinetic sand". If I had just ordered this on Thursday, we would have had it by today. Instead, she wanted to go to a store, and she said Michael's had the stuff. They used to but not any more. They bought some Orb Factory "Morph" all in one compound, but it is really different stuff.

I ordered a bunch of kinetic sand.

I took M. (whose parents were not available today) to Barnes & Noble. I tried mightily to find books to buy, and wasn't sure I would succeed. Eventually, I thought, Self! Buy some travel guides with lots of pictures. I got the Explorer's Guide to Yellowstone, Teton and Jackson Hole which fails on the lots of pictures metric, but it at least used to be a really good guide book series. That's for R. and me. I got a NatGeo Guide to all the US National Parks. It has lots of pictures.

T. and R. went ice skating. First time in a while -- he had been doing basketball on Saturdays but that is over for a while.

After that, I took T. to the Pub on the Common in Littleton. We stopped at CVS for aquaphor and other things (apparently a lot of other things, including a minion tooth brush for A.), and at Roche Bros.