March 2nd, 2017

Thursday's Activities Include: windy! cleaning, expect updates

Looks like today is a Scheduling and Rescheduling Sort of Day. Friday's evening plans just got reschedule to indefinitely later -- waiting to hear when but in the meantime, I've messaged both sitters, because if we get Really Lucky then maybe R. and I could go out some place nice to eat or something. (One down, one to go. I'm trying to decide whether making a reservation would jinx it, and I'm thinking if I make a reservation for three, we can always take T. with us).

It is very windy out. I need to make sure I remember to get the garbage cans in as soon as they are emptied or goddess knows where the wind will blow them.

I have been cleaning: laundry, dishwasher, roomba. Roomba picked up T.'s second set of swim trunks from a short pile near the shoe racks by the garage door in the kitchen. I think it grabbed the drawstring, but it is mysterious how the trunks wound up _on top_ of roomba as it continued to clean. Post-roomba, I mopped, which led to an exercise in fractions (dilution) to refill the reservoir on the mop with floor cleaner. I _still_ don't know what was in the mop reservoir before, altho I can say definitively it was not what I just put into it.

T. is going to see Rock Dog later today. A. has a play date and play therapy (separately) scheduled. I think I'm going to suggest we make pudding pie, because I found an oreo pie crust in the cupboard. I also cleaned out the fridge, since garbage pick up hadn't happened yet (this is distinct from _cleaning_ the fridge, which is a huge process I'm not necessarily up to tackling right this moment).

I also filed some tax paperwork; I'm going to need to start entering things soon.