February 25th, 2017

Saturday's Activities Include: last day in the parks, flying home

Today was our last day in the parks. We had used up our 5 day ticket, so R. and I bought 1 day/1 park tickets on our phones. That worked out really simply. Nice system! The whole park is very phone centric.

I didn't get up for the really early park open (7 a.m. with 1 hour early for staying on property), but we did get there earlier than our 8:30 breakfast at the Plaza Inn and rode Buzz twice. Plaza Inn was fun; I had an omelette and some gluten free/milk free mickey waffles. She had the regular mickey waffles. Lots of photos, including "Max", Goofy's son who I had not been previously aware of. After that, we got Hyperspace Mountain one last time, and Star Tours. We did the Tinkerbell meet and greet. We watched Path of the Jedi. And we got a photo with Boba Fett in Launch Bay. We watched (but did not participate in) Trials of the Temple.

We left a little early and hung out in the hotel lobby. We had to wait for gate agents. They take a dinner break, I guess. Mint was lovely. Luggage was expedited. Flight was super short due to tail winds. We all slept.

A. got take out from McD's next to the rental car return. The rest of us got BK at the airport. I got a phone call from the hotel asking us about the shoes we had abandoned in the room -- we had even put them in the trash. Great service, I guess? Also, we'd left a sleep mask. No, we didn't want any of those back.