February 20th, 2017

Monday's Activities Include: Universal Studios second day

Still drizzling. We got into Universal Studios before 9 a.m. Did Harry Potter since it was one of the few rides open. Then Studio Tours. A. and I got popcorn and did Minions standby with a 20 minute wait. We had lunch at Mel's (burgers). She really likes the Dots graham crackers that come with the Universal Studios kids' meals. We went to the lower lot but Transformers ride and photo op were shut down for different mechanical reasons -- nothing in California is really designed to deal with rain and there have been leaks and buckets to catch them everywhere we go. This time, we rode the elevator to go on the Studio Tour rather than take the stairs. And to go to the lower lot, we took an elevator down to meet a van. They didn't give us any trouble using the van even tho our issue was phobia of escalators (especially down escalators) rather than a physical mobility issue like everyone else on the van. I did convince her to ride back up both yesterday and today. Today's souvenir was a hooded towel based on the fluffy unicorn. Kind of amazing, actually.

Studio Tour today was different than the day before -- we got the flash flood and the picture cars, which we had not gotten the day before. R. and T. had some sort of ride evacuation issue for a couple people on the tram -- in the middle of the Fast and Furious segment! Maybe they really were in the witness protection program! They drove around and did it again with the film turned on the second time.

T. and R. did Walking Dead -- A. and I did not. We did go see Shrek 4D, which was pretty hilarious altho short. I will definitely lobby to do that again in Orlando.

I got a dinner reservation at Storytellers and we had the same server as a couple nights ago. Since it was the dinner vs the lunch menu, I couldn't get the salmon spinach salad; I had the spare ribs and slaw, along with a salad and the latke like allergy bread. Really tasty, especially with two rye manhattans. Phone convo with my sister; we're both feeling really pretty good today, which is wonderful. The kids went over to White Water Snacks to get Mickey ice cream bars for dessert then waited for us at the entrance to Storytellers to walk back with us. Very civilized! T. turned over the receipt. R. pointed out that by paying for the main meal with my regular visa, I was not getting the DVC discount. D'oh! We've been getting it on everything else, because it is marked on our room key which we've been charging everything in the resort to. I like this system better than it has been in Orlando -- there you have to work harder to get the discount. Not that it matters in any greater scheme of things.