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February 13th, 2017

Today, neither kid had school. Fortunately, we knew this early enough to turn off alarms and sleep in. So that was something. Also, my breakfast with A. was canceled, which I would have had to do with the kids home anyway. And my book group was canceled, which was not unexpected. The kids and I had lunch at Julie's. R. went to work. The kids were mostly okay, altho a little bored.

I asked R. to put more wiper fluid into my car's reservoir -- it was at least a quart down.

I had a nice conversation with K. on the phone. And two phone conversations with my sister. The kids and I went to the grocery store. R. took T. to CVS to buy gum. He has been chewing on his shirt collars again; the gum was discussed with his teacher as a possible redirect.

I'm _really_ hoping things will be a bit more back to normal tomorrow.