February 1st, 2017

Wednesday's Activities Include: T's half day, gymnastics, clinic, eye appointment, dinner

Today was T.'s half day. Since A. was sent home with a fever yesterday, and the school has a 24 hour policy, R. came home to hang out with her while I took T. to gymnastics. Then we went back to his school for a clinic. Then off to Burlington where we arrived way too early for an eye appointment (note to self: it's a really short run from Littleton to Burlington). The appointment itself was 2 hours long. Yikes! T., like at least one aunt and at least 2 cousins, is far sighted, so he'll be getting glasses to see if that helps with eye fatigue. We had dinner at On [Edited to correct name] the Border. I also learned about saccadic eye movement dysfunction by seeing the diagnostic code on the paper (T. was melting down so I didn't get the full scoop from the doc, but we're due back in a couple months and I'm betting he'll be getting some eye training for this). This is apparently quite common with autism.

I'm now very tired. A. may or may not go to school tomorrow. R. may or may not go to work. I am desperate for some alone time, and I'm betting I'm gonna have to leave the house tomorrow morning to get it. I foresee a long walk in my future.


On Tuesday, I was trying to come up with some low energy entertainment for my daughter, who was getting bored with the other things she had been doing (watching TV shows, playing iPad games). I said, hey, lets shop for luggage online! She was all over that. So off I went to eBags to shop for pink luggage.

Wow. So, we discovered the Barracuda bag:


Collapsible hardsided luggage that, like a nice handbag, comes with a storage bag. Unlike a nice handbag, it rolls, and the handle that comes out to drag it along has a fold out tray with cup holders. Other odds and ends like an electronic tracker, an included digital scale, etc. You can get it in pink. We did not. Altho I'm not saying we won't ever.

We also ran across the not-yet-for-sale Modo Bag:


Basically, fits into the overhead big, has pop out handlebar and foot pegs, and a battery so you can not only sit on it and roll along, it is powered. Wacky! After the hoverboard and Samsung Note debacles, I wouldn't be in a hurry to be the first person to buy it. Also, it is expensive -- over a $1000.

We also discovered scooter bags for kids and adults.


and many others.

We ordered A. a child size one, because she's the littlest of us and the one most likely to get frustrated with us moving too quickly through an airport. I'll let you know how that goes after our next trip.

Really, luggage innovation in wheels such as this:


seem downright passe in the brave new world that is 2017 in luggage innovation.

Got any you have seen and were amazed by? Or just went, wha? over? Please share!