January 31st, 2017

Tuesday's Activities Include: walks! A. comes home early, stuff around house

I did the long walk by myself. I also did the 1 mile loop with M. and her dog P. That was really nice. I put the chicken in before the first walk and it was basically done by the end of the second one. I used the chicken in a pasta and red sauce dish for lunch and then put the rest away for later. Before I cooked the chicken, I was looking for a place to put away R.'s new dish (10 year gift from his company, that and a silicone trivet and some silicone kitchen tools) and pulled out a roasting pan for the chicken. It had not been fully cleaned before being put away, nor had the numerous muffin tins (what do you call a muffin baking thing when it is made of silicone, anyway?) stacked in it. So, that was a mini project.

I took out the compost. I baked blondies (looks like we are out of chocolate chips now. Say it isn't so! There is a container of callebaut chips, but I can't figure out how to open it without completely destroying it. I assume there is a trick I am not smart enough to figure out). And then I cleaned everything I got dirty in the process of doing all of the above.

After a cup of coffee and a cookie, school called to tell me it was time to pick up A., because her fever was above 100. That happened around 1:45, so technically, I could have gone to my Dutch lesson, altho of course I didn't _know_ I wasn't going to get that call until 1:45 -- I was sort of expecting it sometime around 11 a.m.

Cleaned some mirrors. Did some laundry. Ordered A. a replacement electric toothbrush (her shopkins one does not have replaceable batteries or head and both are dying. Reviews for shopkins electric toothbrushes are not positive, so I went with a Phillips that isn't merch branded but is pink. Here's hoping it is okay with her.). Turned on the TV for A. Should be a nice quiet afternoon/evening. The playdate for today was canceled last night by the other side, which is also sick. It's been that kind of January. Hopefully, we'll all be a little healthier in February.

Next up is probably homework and/or ordering from A.'s scholastic book catalog.

ETA: Oh, and we retrieved the boots A. failed to bring home on Friday. So that's something.