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January 5th, 2017

T. was home sick again and I felt pretty awful, too. A. had a half day, and was not excited about being with her sitter but without her best friend. However, the sitter cleverly recommended Fun World in Nashua, which they only have time for on half days, and which A.'s best friend is no particular fan of. All of a sudden, A. couldn't get her boots and coat on fast enough.

I took T. out to dinner at Julie's Place. In the interests of a speedy recovery, I've abandoned my evening drink. We finally remembered to get the discs out of the van where we put them in case the kids wanted to watch videos on the trip to DC (did that happen? No. No vids happened on the trip. Oh well.) so T. could watch _Kubo and the Two Strings_. He keeps rewatching _Secret Life of Pets_ and narrating it as it goes along, laughing all the while. I feel like _Pets_ is, right at this moment, the most perfect movie developmentally for him. He is trying to recognize parts of NYC that we saw driving through it on the most recent trip in the movie, even.