December 28th, 2016

Wednesday's Activities Include: museums! and monuments, lunch at Sweetwater Tavern

Today, we dropped my MIL off to see the monuments that have been added since her last visit (MLK, FDR, Korean, Vietnam). Meanwhile, R., B., I and all the kids went to the Conservatory to see the National Parks models. The model train part had a long line so we skipped that. Next, we went to the Castle, because R. had never been inside. Neat building. The America's Treasure Chest exhibit is really wonderful, but kind of boring for kids.

We were going to go look at the Hope Diamond, but there was an insane line at the Natural History museum, so we reunited -- after some difficulty -- with MIL, then drove to Sweetwater Tavern for lunch. That was really good.

Thursday's forecast was for rain, and we had planned to go to the Zoo. MIL decided to try to go this afternoon instead, but then changed her mind because she was too tired. A little concerned that the tired turned into something a little more serious.