December 23rd, 2016

Friday's Activities Include: White House Tour, Capitol Tour, Coastal Flats

We met up with my sister's family today when we all went down to the District. My side got Subway sandwiches, and ate them outside the White House Visitors Center (cold and windy. Yikes!), because our tour was at 12:30 and we had a Capitol Tour at 2. I have not toured the White House since the Reagan Administration. It was crowded, and the holiday decorations were awesome. We got through quickly, then foolishly decided to walk to the Capitol (should have caught a cab; figured we had tons of time and still almost didn't make it).

The Capitol tour did not include tickets to go into the chambers; I think holiday? Or I failed to ask for the right things. It is just as well, the kids were borderline on the main tour which focuses on art. I enjoyed it; I think I did that tour in 2004, but I'm not entirely certain.

We all had dinner at Coastal Flats after; very tasty! Even A. enjoyed her meal and she is picky.