December 11th, 2016

Sunday's Activities Include: cold, no horse, addressing holiday cards, flu shot for T.

Today, T. wanted to get a flu shot. So R. and T. went to a couple CVS until they found one willing to do a kid flu shot. They also bought A. a holiday present from T., which T. is not excited about. However, once I explained that refusing to give a present to his sister put him on the "get coal and nothing else" list, and he saw a picture of coal, he was like, okay, whatever.

The horse was canceled because it is very cold today. I spent a big chunk of the late morning/early afternoon addressing holiday cards, a task I have been procrastinating about for a few days, partly because it is kind of a lot of detail and partly because I'm really sick. And those are not unrelated -- doing detailed anything while sick tends to create more trouble. I'm still waiting to hear back on a few addresses, and I still need to write a letter to go into one of the photo mailers, but other than that, this task is largely done.

Part of yesterday's procrastination in avoiding the address cards task involved getting all the scattered to-do notes back under control in apple notes, and then churning through a bunch of the more manageable tasks (mostly buying presents online).

I'm still not completely recovered, but I am better enough that I made some rice and had a rice, tofu and veg lunch.