December 5th, 2016

Monday's Activities Include: A. stays home, packaging up holiday photos, dropping off i3

My i3 failed the emissions part of the sticker inspection. Yes, you read that right. Turns out if you leave some gas sitting in the tiny gas tank for long enough and never actually run the engine, all sorts of things don't work as they are supposed to. So, I need to run the charge down, run the range extender for a while, and then try a second time on the sticker. *sigh* Because it was snowing today when the car went in for a software update, I decided to have them put Blizzaks on while they were at it.

I took my monster stack of photos, photo mailers and holiday cards and assembled photo packets. I'm hoping to get those out tomorrow. The rest of the holiday cards will hopefully be addressed some time Real Soon Now.

I figured a girl who can't keep water down should not go to school, even if we haven't actually tested that fact in more than 12 hours. She's watching Cookie Swirl C and Dora and Friends episodes.

T.'s babysitter canceled. I canceled A's babysitter before that happened, but ultimately successfully uncanceled so he's happy. A. kept apple juice and crackers down and is feeling way better than yesterday so I've upgraded her to her own room and put the futon in the seating position. Almost done with the laundry, many thanks to R. for working on it so diligently yesterday.